Village of Boyle Annexation Update

The Village of Boyle is pleased to announce the annexation of an additional 800 acres to the village boundary effective September 10, 2010. The addition of this Industrial and Commercial land along Highway 63 will allow Boyle future developmental opportunities for the next 20-30 years.

“We are poised for growth,” said Ken Gwozdz, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Village of Boyle. He continued to say, “This is the first time in the village’s 53-year existence that they have acquired this much land”. Construction of 135 acres into about 20 industrial lots will begin this fall and into the spring of 2011. Companies likely interested in moving into this area will be distribution, light manufacturing and energy service type organizations.

Council has been working on this annexation for the past 1.5 years because job creation and economic growth is their top priority. Without the support from the County and the MLA Jeff Johnson, this would have never happened. Boyle is on the move, with recently upgraded Recreation Facilities ($3.5 million) and a new Regional Water System ($30 million).

There is nothing we can’t accomplish with the help of our MLA, County and Energy Corridor for the future prosperity of our community. “We are open for business” said Bob Clark, Mayor of Boyle.