Portage College Works with Government to Build Pipeline Process Loop

Portage College is excited to move forward with building the first Pipeline Training Centre Process Loop in Alberta. The project, which was announced during Government of Alberta’s Speech from the Throne, will be built in Boyle Alberta.

“We’ve been working on this project for four years, and we’re excited to move forward with support from the Government of Alberta,” said Dr. Trent Keough, President and CEO of Portage College.

During an informal public appearance in Boyle last week, Premier Alison Redford complimented Portage College on its innovation, leadership and collaborations with industry. She also spoke about the College’s role in building the first Pipeline Training Centre for Alberta.

The College is committed to supporting the Government in building a Pipeline Institute for Canada, combining the research and expertise of other post-secondary institutions and the hands-on industry training of the Pipeline Training Centre.

“We understand our strengths as an institution, and we understand how to provide hands-on training better than anyone. We are happy to hear that our Government agrees with that,” said Ray Danyluk, Chair of the Board of Directors at Portage College.

The Government of Alberta continued to affirm their commitment to the project, and Portage College will continue to work with the Town of Boyle to move this project forward.

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