Investment Readiness Toolkit

The Economic Development (ED) practitioner has a demanding and complex job in this global economy. The Investment Readiness Toolkit is an important instrument to help you meet the high expectations required to attract, retain and grow businesses.

The Investment Readiness Toolkit provides frameworks and practices to manage familiarization tours and other aspects of investment attraction. The Toolkit will assist communities to identify investment readiness gaps, develop new or improved economic development processes and expand capacity for communities to attract, receive and successfully explore investment opportunities. This document has been developed by EDA in partnership with the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada.

Why do communities engage in investment activities?
1. To create economic diversity
2. To maintain and expand infrastructure
3. To increase the ability to meet the needs of residents and businesses
What’s inside the Toolkit?

  1. Understand Investment- How does investment attraction work?
  2. What areas of your community are investment ready; which are not?
  3. Identify investment trends.
  4. Familiarization Tours- How to identify your best chances for success.
  5. Aftercare- Best ways to stay engaged with your investors.
How to use the Toolkit:

Each section provides you with ways to better understand your community and a checklist to perform the practice.
Best practices are also included.
Templates are included that you can adapt for your own community’s needs