Trading Area

The Alberta Energy Corridor comprises multiple land options for commercial and industrial applications – all of which feature the same access and logistical efficiencies of reaching customers and markets in northern Alberta. We have identified the appropriate locations within our region for various commercial and industrial operations, taking a strategic approach to future land use and economic growth. And we are implementing the necessary servicing, access and permit requirements for business to easily and economically locate within the Corridor.

Five locations within the Corridor have been earmarked for expansion and development. Each location neighbours an active and vital community: Highway 63 between Boyle, Grassland and Wandering River, the junction of Highways 63 and 55, and along the Al-Pac Connector Road.

Our central proximity aligns the Alberta Energy Corridor with urban markets and industrial markets. We are the commercial centre point for east-west and inter-regional traffic flow, and we are the north-south axis along which important energy and forestry activities are established and new businesses and industries are being established.

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