Transportation / Access



  • includes an established vehicular highway route, currently being twinned to ensure future capacity
  • a rail line linking parts of the region to points north
  • eight major pipeline systems moving oil and gas and oilsands bitumen to oil processing and marketing hubs
  • several airport facilities throughout the region to accommodate differing aircraft
  • Highway 63 between Boyle, Grassland and Wandering River, the junction of Highways 63 and 55, and along the Al-Pac Connector Road.
  • approximately 11,000 vehicles travel Highway 63 daily, predominately industrial/commercial traffic to and from the Fort McMurray region.
  • numerous freight and heavy oil transport companies located in the area
  • access across the Athabasca River provided via Al-Pac bridge – with a weighted capacity of 100,000 tonnes – servicing the oil industry in the MD of Opportunity.

Railway Transportation

Canadian National Railway Co. (CN Rail) – an international rail company providing the only rail service to Fort McMurray, with spur line to Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. (Al-Pac).


The Athabasca Airport (CYWM) is a registered Aerodrome located approximately 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) east and approximately 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) north of the town of Athabasca.

The Boyle airport is an all-weather facility, with a 3,000 foot by 60 foot runway (900 metres by 18 metres).

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