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Men Working on TurbineAccording to Statistics Canada*, Alberta had the highest proportion – 18.6 per cent – of youth within its working age population and the lowest proportion of older workers in Canada. At that same time, 56.6 per cent of Alberta’s working age population was under age 45, and 60 per cent of the labour force held a university degree, post-secondary diploma or certificate. With low unemployment and high productivity as well, Alberta’s workforce is among the best in the world. (* 2006 statistics)

The variety of industry in the Alberta Energy Corridor is reflected by the workforce mix; 75 per cent of the labour pool has a degree, diploma or certificate compared to the overall provincial level of 60 percent, and 19 per cent hold apprenticeship or trades certificates and/or diplomas.

Economic Indicators: North Central Region

Employment by Industry20062001
Total Employment — All Industries20.920.0
Goods-Producing Sector8.68.7
Agriculture & Forestry3.64.5
Mining & Oil & Gas1.81.1
Services-Producing Sector12.311.3
Wholesale Trade0.70.7
Retail Trade1.92.0
Transportation & Warehousing1.11.0
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & leasing0.60.5
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services0.50.4
Business, Building & other Support Services0.60.5
Educational Services1.81.6
Health Care & Social Assistance1.81.6
Information, Culture & Recreation0.40.3
Accommodation & Food Services0.91.1
Other Services1.20.9
Public Administration0.80.7
Source: Alberta Finance & Enterprise 2009

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